A few words about me

Why I travel…

Hello! I am a travel-and-adventure-obsessed adrenaline-junkie. I have been traveling pretty much my whole life – exploring new countries, cultures, people, landscapes, flora and fauna.

Life is too short!

It would be a total waste spending it working in an office cubicle or spending summers at the same summer house or going to the same lame beach or same ski mountain. I believe that traveling enriches you beyond any job, or college, or TV – you get to experience the most incredible things, witness amazing landscapes and cities with your own eyes, come face to face with rare animals, see otherworldly flowers bloom,  sample the world’s most exotic cuisines, and meet hundreds of new friends from different countries and ways of life.

Once in a while I stop and reflect on all my experiences and then spin the globe,  re-pack my bags and go again toward new horizon, checking off new destinations of my ultimate bucket list.

My global journey

How it all came to be…

Working ungodly hours, I tried to use every possible vacation day and holiday to travel the world, as much as i could jam-pack into a few “vacation” days. always in rush and feeling like I was leaving something on the table. In the summer of 2013, I decided to leave the corporate world (or at the very least take a break) and explore full time. A week later I was hiking the frozen tundra of Svalbard in the Arctic.

Dream it! Plan it! Do it!

In 2013, I started with 81 countries under my belt, and since then added another 178 to the list, all the while exploring and photographing and documenting my journeys – overland through all the “stans” in Central Asia, driving all around Europe (every single country), criss-crossing the entire Australia, island hopping through the Pacific islands (more then once), commuting with penguins in Antarctica, reveling at the Rio carnival, clubbing in Ibiza and Tomorrowland, exploring the history in the Middle East, climbing top three peaks in Africa and going on authentic safari and wildlife trekking, visiting Highland tribes in Papua New Guinea, hunting coconut crabs on the island of Niue, even pushing into the “troubled” areas of Afghanistan, South Sudan and the like. One crazy and contrasting experience after another.

And the journey still continues!