Bahamas/Eleuthera: Glass Window Bridge

Next Island in the Bahamas – Eleuthera – a very narrow and long strip of land (it’s never wider then a single mile and goes for 112 miles in length). The island has an absolutely amazing natural attraction – the Glass Window Bridge. On the east side of Eleuthera are the deep blue and often violent and stormy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. On the west side is the calm and shallow Caribbean Sea or more specifically the Bight of Eleuthera. And the narrow stone bridge separates the two! 130 years ago this used to be a natural arch that was destroyed by a hurricane. A bridge was constructed and also destroyed by hurricanes several times. The latest bridge is now still standing and you can walk and see both bodies of water completely different in color and wave action. A total natural wonder and a must see! And just half a mile south from the window bridge is another natural highlight – the Cow and the Bull – two massive eroded boulders.