Bahamas/New Providence: New Providence Beaches

New Providence is small island and you can drive around the whole thing in half a day or less. And there is not much to see. A quarter of it is Nassau with all the tourists and traffic and craziness. The southern shore is largely industrial with no beaches to speak of. The rest has a smattering of ok-ish beaches that really pale in comparison with any other island in Bahamas. Right next to Nassau is Junkanoo Beach – a tiny strip of sand with the views of construction, cruise liners, and a distant lighthouse on the Paradise Island. Further east is the Cable Beach – touted as a jewel of Bahamas but really a manicured waterfront for the string of expensive casinos and not available for mere mortal not staying there. Further west is a nice and long Nirvana Beach, and on the westernmost coast is the very mediocre Clifton Heritage Park with no beach.