Boliva: Cruising the Lake Titicaca

Cruising the cold and crystal clear water of Lake Titicaca is the way to the Isla de Sol, the largest island on the lake. Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world at the altitude of 3,812m/12,507ft. 27 rivers from the surrounding high Andean peaks feed into the lake but only one little river comes out south into Bolivia – over 90% of water in the lake is lost through evaporation due to sunlight at this altitude, making Titicaca a nearly closed lake. Titicaca means “grey puma” in Aymaric and refers to the animal sacred to Inca, with supposedly Isle of the Sun being the ancestral home of the Incas. A nearly whole hour boat trip to the Isla Del Sol is packed some stunning panoramic views of the lake’s coastline as well as distant massive snow-capped mountains around Lan Paz in the south.