Greece: Cape Sounion – Temple of Poseidon

At the southernmost point of the Attic peninsula (where Athens is) lies Cape Sounion with the most amazing Ancient Greek temple – Temple of Poseidon. It stands perched high on a promontory above the azure seas below with panoramic views in all directions. The temple of Poseidon was built in 444-440 BC on the spot of an older temple that was destroyed by Xerxes on his way to Thermopylae to meet the 300. After Xerxes was defeated in a massive sea battle off the coast of Cape Sounion, the Greek put a Persian ship up as a monument to Poseidon and then eventually built a lasting temple. It’s stunning and almost surreal with 16 of the 38 columns still standing! This should have been the place to film Aquaman and not Sicily!