India: Ahmedabad – Eating Gujarati Thali at Agashiye

It’s important to mix sightseeing with sampling some of the treasures of local cuisine. In Ahmedabad, Agashiye is one of the top 20 restaurants in India, specializing exclusively in the Gujarati thali ceremony. Thali is essentially a mix of a lot of stuff on your plate – and at Agashiye it’s a show somewhat similar to the Brazilian churrascaria endless parade of dishes except it’s 100% vegetarian. You start with a metal plate and empty bowls (it’s a special kansa alloy that supposedly has some health benefits), then a set of sauces and accompaniments arrives, and then one by one waiters bring various vegetarian dishes and plop it in your plate. As you eat, the waiters bring more stuff to constantly keep the plate full. Rice comes at the end, before a special ice cream and a palate cleansing spice package wrapped in a leaf. The menu at Agashiye is different every since day of the week. Totally awesome, even for a total carnivore like me! The restaurant is the heritage boutique hotel – the House of MG – which is an architectural attraction in itself and part of the UNESCO-listed Old Town Ahmedabad – and staying here is a top-notch experience and a must!