India: Varanasi – Evening Boat Cruise on Ganges

An absolute must-do thing in Varanasi is taking a sunset boat ride on the Ganges down and up all the ghats. Hundreds of boats – from simple rowing dinghies to big ships get out on the water to experience the sunset and prepare to view the nightly fire ceremonies. (If you have a motorized boat, tiny boats loaded with flirtatious locals will free ride by attaching to you). The ghats and temples get slowly lit up as the sun sets behind Varanasi. Before the fire ceremony begins, it’s traditional to float a paper plate with candles and flowers – an offering to the river Goddess of Ganga (just don’t fall out into the river). And when the night finally falls, all the boats congregate at the main ghat in the center of Varanasi for the spectacular Ganga Aarti aka Fire Ceremony (next post).