Iraq: Baghdad – Al-Kadhimiya Mosque

Al-Kadhimiya Mosque aka Al Yassin Mosque is one of the most famous and sacred mosques for Shiites in Iraq, containing tombs of two imams – Imam Musa Al-Kadhim and Imam Muhammad Al-Jawad (Seventh and the Ninth of the Twelve Imams of Shiism). The mosque was built here in 834 AD and the current four-domed structure dates back to 1524. Sadly, no cameras of any kind are allowed into the checkpoints and security is very very strict – multiple body searches before you get inside. The interior is insanely beautiful, with golden minarets and mirrored ceilings and walls. The mosque has been a magnet for terrorist attacks since the Iraq war and during all the sectarian violence. In March 2004, 75 people died during an explosion attack. In August 2005, 953 people died in the stampede on the way to the mosque. In June 2007, 7 people died in two car bombings near the gate, and a month later another 14 were killed in another car bomb explosion. In December 2008, an explosion just in front of the main gate killed 24 people. In January 2009, a female suicide bomber killed 38 people. In April 2009, a bomb in a leftover plastic bag killed another 7 people. Just two weeks later same year, two female suicide bombers killed 66 people during Friday prayers. In May 2016, 14 people were killed in a triple car bombing. And just ok May 2021, a grenade explosion injured 10 people and that’s why no cameras are allowed