Mexico: Central Highlands Food Recap

The states of Hidalgo, Mexico, Tlaxcala, Puebla, Morelos, and Michoacán – central Mexican highlands cuisine at its best. With an elevation of 6-8k feet on average, there is plenty of vegetables and produce , a lot of meat and poultry, and complex sauces and highlands spices. Puebla clearly dominates here with mole poblano which is considered the national dish of Mexico. Mole is essentially a complex sauce that, according to the legend, was created when the Viceroy of Spain los an unexpected visit to Puebla and the cook didn’t have anything by small leftovers of spices and chocolates and other scraps that he missed together and poured over meat and voila – mole poblano was born. Even when you try hard to like it, the taste of sweet brown sauce over meat just didn’t taste appealing. Another version of mole was mole rosa in Taxco – more flavorful but still sweet. Sopa poblano (soup) was much more interesting, as was pina relenna (stuffed pineapple). And the biggest his was cecina – air-dried skirt steak.