Mexico/Chihuahua: Copper Canyon – More Viewpoints & Raramuri People

More viewpoints and attractions as we explored the Copper Canyon on the way to the town of Creel – overlook at Divisadero with giant letters, a hard-to-get-to Cielo viewpoint, where after a very rough road you get to a surreal panorama of distant canyons folding as far as the eyes can see and the sky super duper blue color. More stop further east offer a flatter views of the canyon and a bit more signs of habitation by Tarahumara Indians (in fact the entire mountain range is called Sierra Tarahumara). The name was given to local indigenous tribe by the Spanish in the 17th century when they mispronounced the actual tribal name Raramuri. With no official census, the population of the Raramuri people probably ranges between 35,000 and 70,000. The key to their survival is living in remote inaccessible areas to remain isolated and independent so as to avoid losing their culture. The Rarámuri people are known for their endurance running. Living in the canyons, they travel great vertical distances, which they often do by running nonstop for hours.