Mexico/Guanajuato: Valenciana

Valenciana Mine, located just 6km north of the historic city center, is responsible for all the wealth of Guanajuato and beyond. The silver mine was established here in the 16th century and at the height of production it was producing 60% of the world silver by the mid of 18th century! 60%! These riches translated in all the cathedrals and churches of Guanajuato, but also into an almost surreally lavish San Cayetano Temple of the Confessor standing just above the mine. Its construction began in 1775 and was completed in 1788. It was built in the churrigueresque style out of pink stone, with its altar and altarpieces all thickly covered with gold leaf and adorned with dozens of angels, way over the top. It’s also known as the Templo de la Valenciana.