Morocco: Aït Benhaddou Ksar (fortified city)

Aït Benhaddou is an absolutely amazing and stunning place, one of the most incredible sites I have ever seen. A fortified city on a hill made from earth and clay and mud over centuries along a major Saharan caravan route. It’s a living city – several families still live in these sand and clay buildings and you can even stay in them overnight. You can climb to the rooftops for panoramic views close and far. You can also get to the very top of the hill for a recently restored watchtower. The whole place is incredibly photogenic – earthen clay buildings, almond and olive trees, snow-clad mountains in the distance, rainbow colored badlands up close. The city itself has about half a dozen kasbahs (individual fortified 4-tower houses) and several dozen traditional buildings clinging to the steep hills. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site

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