Peru: Cusco – Mercado San Pedro

The heart of the city’s life in the morning is the vast covered San Pedro Market. Farmers from all over the Andes bring their wares here – tons of cheese, mountains of potatoes of all types (Peru is the birthplaces of potatoes), stalls after stalls of corn of all colors, and meat. Meat section are particularly huge and there is a lot of weird stuff here – like giant tongues, calf heads with rings in their noses, bull heads with horns, all sort of intestines, and endless sausages – if you are a vegetarian this is what hell looks and smells like! Souvenir stands also have a lot of both traditional and non-traditional stuff. The back section of the market is a giant cafeteria where locals come for breakfast, seating in neat rows and eating caldo (hot chicken soup) – a giant bowl is <$2 and this stuff is super good.