Pitcairn: Night Sky in Southern Hemisphere

Pitcairn is located in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean – really in the middle of nowhere! It’s thousands of miles to the nearest land or people, and this creates an awesome opportunity to observe the constellations and stars of the nights sky in the Southern Hemisphere. Many constellations are strange and unknown here – Eridanus (giant snake), Lepus (rabbit), Indus (Indian), Scutum, Pavios, Octans, Chameleon, Musca (fly), Dorado (yes, the fish), Horologium (wall clock), Tucana (tukan), Sculptor, Hydrus (snake), Triangulum Australe (southern triangle), Sextans, Pyxis (compass), Volans (flying fish), Phoenix, Crux, and many others. Plus the Hubble telescope flew by as well as some old rocket remains.