Socotra: Detwah Lagoon Sunset & Camping

Socotra has only a couple of mediocre hotels in the capital of Hadibo. But you don’t really want to stay there, camping on many of the island’s beaches is a much more attractive option. Yes, it’s very primitive: you sleep in a small tent on the rough ground, the toilet is just a hole in the ground and the shower is a big barrel of rain water that you splash on yourself, the sandflies bite occasionally, and the goats come and eat your breakfast. But embrace the simplicity and lack of western-style comforts and enjoy the spectacular views of the lagoon, the smells of the unique Socotra flora, drinking cardamom-flavored tea late at night and early in the morning, and have goats join you for breakfast, and be mesmerized by the most insane starry sky at night! And for dinner – get a couple of spiny lobster caught in front of your eyes and cooked to perfection. This is what adventure travel is all about! And to wrap a day of exploring the Detwah Lagoon – a spectacular sunset in total solitude.