South Sudan: Around Juba

Sadly, South Sudan is likely the worst country I have ever been to. An example of how the western powers pushed for “democracy” and “independence” and then billions and billions of UN and NGO money got wasted and stolen. It’s a sad picture today. Absolute curfew after 7pm, no photography is allowed anywhere (except from the behind the tinted car window), supposedly everybody has guns, robberies and kidnappings are everywhere, you can not leave Juba at all, and rival factions just had a fight at the presidential palace a few months ago. All foreign investment businesses that hoped to develop here have closed shop and left, the only people left are UN/NGO personnel still doing studies on how to best deliver aid. Civil war is brewing. So these are just pics taken from the car of the streets of Juba. Plenty of expensive SUVs though, as South Sudanese choose to have no house but rather own the latest V8