Spain/Galicia: A Coruna – Torre de Hercules

This is a monumental site – the oldest Roman lighthouse in use in the world. Farum Brigantium as it was known in Latin was modeled on the Alexandria Lighthouse in Egypt and built on the promontory at the very northern tip of the Roman Empire in the 2nd century. The structure is impressive – 57m/187ft high, it has 18 sides at the base, then the tower is 4 sided, then it becomes 7 sided closer to top, then 5 sided, and finally a final round dome on top. It’s really hard to believe that this is 2000 years old, albeit restored in the 18th century. The views from the top (a spiral staircase ascent) are spectacular as the stormy ocean surrounds the lighthouse on 3 sides – and it’s one of the most violent seas in the Atlantic.