Thailand: Thai Food Recap

Here’s my guide to Thai food: 1 – “No Spicy” – moderately hot and spicy; 2 – “Little Spicy” – very hot “en fuego” full burn; 3 – “Spicy” – super mega blasting hot immediately causing irreparable and lasting damage to your throat/stomach/etc, a literal explosive device in your mouth. Finally – 4 – “Very Spicy” – this is the stuff that killed Kim Jong Un’s brother. The Thai food traditional staples included Tom Yam and Tom Kai soups, green papaya salads, green and red curries with chicken/pork/shrimp/seafood. Among interesting dishes were shrimp paste dip with various raw vegetables, and Khao Soi – northern Thai noodle soup. Thai locally grown coffee and Thai tea were also great, as well as the three main domestic beer brands – Chang, Leo, and Singha.