Ukraine: Lutsk – Lubart’s Castle

Lubart’s Castle aka Lutsk Castle was built by Liubartas, son of the king of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, Gedeminas in 1340. The castle has three humongous towers connected by equally humongous walls, all towering above the Styr River. In 1429, the castle became the location of one of the first global conferences of world leaders, attended by Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg (Holy Roman Empire), Vasiliy The Blind (Russian Tzar of Moscow), Vitautas the Great (Grand Duke of Lithuania). Among other participants were Kingdom of Denmark, Kingdom of Poland, Teutonic Knights, Livonian Order, representatives of Pope Martin V, Byzantine Empire, and khans of Volga and Don. The castle changed many hands throughout it history but remain very well preserved and super spectacular. It is one of the most famous attractions in Ukraine and is featured on the 200 hryvna banknote.