USA/DC: Washington DC – National Museum of Natural History

As far as I am concerned, there is really one music museum in DC that stands above others – the Natural History Museum. Last and first time I was here was almost twenty years ago and I found it totally out of this world with all the animals from exotic places, gemstones and crystals, meteors, giant whale, and even holding a live Madagascar hissing cockroach. The museum hasn’t changed much since. But I have! Having seen most of the wildlife in its natural habitat, having gazed at crystals and rocks in caves all over the world, having hiked across meteor crater on several continents, and having observed whales in all oceans – the museum didn’t feel that real or exciting for some reason. I did hold the Madagascar hissing cockroach again, but it hardly moved and didn’t even hiss, unlike the giant specimen I had in Madagascar in 2015. Conclusion – get off you ass and see the real world rather then museum (which was coincidentally closed the best day after my visit due to the government shutdown).