USA/NM: McKinn’s Pistachio Orchards

Have you ever seen how pistachio nuts grow? Well, you can at the McKinn’s Pistachio Orchard in New Mexico. You are greeted by the world’s largest 30-foot pistachio monument at the entrance to this orchard, and plenty of pistachio trees going one in beet rows in all directions around a central store/museum/ice cream parlor. Pistachios originated from the present day Uzbekistan/Iran and where known as food back in 6750 BC! There are a total of 12,500 pistachio trees growing here, flourishing in the super hot and dry climate of central New Mexico. Besides the absolutely insane pistachio ice cream, the store sells all types of pistachio nuts and flavorings, pistachios bags, pistachio candies, and anything else related to pistachios.