USA/WA: Washington Pass in North Cascades

Washington Pass in the North Cascades is super spectacular. Especially if you are coming from the east, crossing the dry deserty landscapes and slowly rising to the top of the pass at 5477 ft/1669 m. The scenery changes almost abruptly – it becomes green and snow-covered peaks appear everywhere, as the spectacular flowers bloom all around you. The snow is still lying at the sides of the roads and covers many mountain slopes. The Washington Pass is not technically part of the North Cascades National Park bit it is quite possibly the most stunning place in the area. There is a separate overlook that climbs up to the mountain above the pass itself for even more panoramic 360 views. The Washington Pass also carries the distinction of being the most avalanche-prone location in the USA, as the snow and moisture accumulated on the western ridges and then collapses over the eastern steep slopes. The Pass is closed from November to April.