USA/NV: Extraterrestrial Highway

The Extraterrestrial Highway runs for 100 miles through the most desolate part of Nevada and skirts the infamous super secret Area 51, known for UFO sightings and many conspiracy theories about aliens and their alien ships housed there. The road was made famous in the Independence Day movie (when all the action happened in the Area 51 and civilians were pictures traveling to safety along this highway). The highway is chock full of attractions – first there is an alien jerky shop with murals, then there is an alien research center (more like a souvenir shop), and many alien-themed signs. In the middle of the trip lies a tiny outpost of Rachel, where there is an Alie-Inn motel and bar serving “alien burgers” and “alien tequila” (the burger was mediocre but tequila kicked some ass – a couple more shots and I would have started seeing aliens). There’s even a tow-truck pulling an alien saucer along the highway!