USA/NV: Las Vegas – Flying Aerobatics Plane

I always wanted to try this when in Vegas – fly an aerobatic plane and do all sorts of adrenaline-exploding stunts. The world’s best aerobatics plane is Extra 330, capable at flying at a maximum speed of 253mph and a load factor of +/- 10 G’s. After a briefing, you get strapped tightly into the front seat and the pilot gets in the back seat of this tiny red plane. And up you go to do some insane stunts – like aileron roll, loop, barrel roll, and hammerhead. It was beyond crazy – rolling over and over and over, flying vertically up, dropping vertically down, and doing aerobatic tricks that you can only see in an air show – like a rollercoaster with a plane! Several times you experience 4G. After the aerobatics, the plane did some low level flying thought a deep canyon – and absolute Star Wars-like experience turning and banking within just feet of the walls and ground.