Belize: Belize Barrier Reef From The Air

While the Great Blue Hole is a must see destination, you can get an extended sightseeing flight over the expanse of the Belize Barrier Reef and other islands and atolls. Taking off from Caye Caulker, you first fly south of the Caye Chapel and then east over the Turnefe Atoll before getting to the Lighthouse Reef and the Great Blue Hole. It’s the Belize Barrier Reef (the longest in the Western Hemisphere and a UNESCO World Heritage Site) as far north and south as you can see with every possible variation of blue, turquoise, and aquamarine along the way – absolutely amazing! You fly over Long Caye, Half Moon Caye and Northern Caye. And there is even a stranded wreck of a British cargo ship from the 1970s. Then you turn west and fly toward Caye Caulker, doing a couple of loops of the northern Spit and channel and eventually landing at the south of the island.