Cameroon: Limbe Wildlife Center

Limbe Wildlife Center is not a zoo despite looking like one. It’s a center where primates that’s are injured by traps, rescued from torture of being pets, or orphaned are nurtured and rehabilitated and then released into the wild. Cameroon is one of the few African countries where many of the large primate species are found in the wild – western lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, drills, and mandrills. It’s almost impossible to see them in their natural habitat – they are confined to impenetrable jungles deep in the heart of Cameroon and poached to near extinction. That’s why the Limbe Wildlife Center is absolutely unique in both showcasing these animals as well as releasing them back into the nature. Besides gorillas and chimps, the population of ultra-colorful (almost unrealistically so) drills and mandrills here is the largest captive population in the world.