Catalonia: Lomo Alto Restaurant in Barcelona

Catalonia (Post 31): Lomo Alto Restaurant in Lomo Alto is another Michelin-starred restaurant that’s often referred to a “Mecca for meat-lovers” and “Temple of Beef”. The meat preparation here is taken to a ritual like no other. The best beef cuts are aged on premises hanging in cold rooms – veal for 30 days, mature beef for 120 days, and ox for 365 days. An absolutely enormous corpse of a giant bull greets you hanging in a glass-walled freezer as you enter the restaurant. You can go with a single item or try a tasting menu. With that – you get to try a bit of everything – from beef appetizers to steak tartar to beef carpaccio to two portions of aged and super-aged beef. You don’t tell the chef how you want it cooked, your individually selected piece (which you are shown raw in the beginning) is cooked at temperatures deemed optimal for the cut. Add in good wine and deserts, and Lomo Alto is a better attraction then Casa Battlo in Barcelona.