Catalonia: Tickets Restaurant in Barcelona

I have been trying to get to Tickets Restaurant in Barcelona for over 7 years and it finally happened. The Michelin-starred restaurant is world famous and presents “la vida tapa” fusion cuisine. It’s not really food or even tapas – the tiny portions are pure art – as the combination of ingredients and presentation is insane and esoteric. Tickets only allows reservation online and those are usually fully sold out for 4-6 months forward. Once you finally make it in – you get a personal waiter and personal sommelier. You can choose a tasting menu or go a la carte (which is what I did and tried as much as I could – the portions are tiny). When you are done exploring the food and taste all the diverse flavor combinations, you go to a separate desert room where the party continues. While the experience was amazing and food was stunning, it really was a bit too far out for my liking. It’s basically like watching an Oscar-winning movie – elitist and exclusive and refined and high art and also weird and strange – and you find yourself yearning for a simple Hollywood action flick or a little Barcelona bodega serving simple tapas.