Central African Republic: Obangui Island & River

The most scenic view in Bangui is from the roof of the Obangui hotel (former Sofitel, but now in a state of semi decay and seediness). (The elevator going to the top 13th floor actually stopped at every single floor on the way and when the doors finally opened for the 13th and final time – a big scribbled 3-letter Russian word for “penis” greeted you from the wall at the top floor. I then used stairs to descend). On the ground, Obangui river separates CAR and the Democratic Republic of Congo – you can reach the other side in 5 minutes by a canoe – no border checks or demarcation of any sort. Below the hotel, there is a small peninsula where you can sip a cold local CAR beer and have some fantastic panoramic views of serene river landscapes, lush jungles, and scenic hills.