Download Old and New Version of Safari for Windows PC

Today the world has gone digital. Every information you need is available online. But to explore this digital information you need a gateway. And this gate way is provided by browsers. Well, Windows has been a market leader when it comes to Operating Systems. And we all have our past memory of using Internet Explorer as our first internet browser. But with the advent of time Microsoft has also improved its browsing experience by implementing various necessary features in to its browsers. Now Microsoft’s edge has some very advanced features that really makes it a show stopper! But wait, Apple is not far behind in the race. Download Safari for Windows, the default browser of the Apple devices is for sure the favourite due to its excellent features and ease of use.

Safari is much faster and energy efficient than its counter parts. Safari syncs with iCloud such that you can browse seamlessly across all the Apple devices. Below are some of the excellent features of Safari that you can’t afford to miss.

  1. One action Snapback: you can instantly jump back to the original page even after you have made several searches forward. Suppose you are searching on something on Google and you clicked on a bunch of links without getting the desired result then you can get back to the first page from where you started your search by clicking the orange arrow button on top right corner which saves a lot of your efforts and time.
  2. No unwanted videos: Safari prevents playing the automatically playing videos that diverts your attention. While browsing on some critical information such automatically played videos are very distracting, Safari saves you from this inconvenience.
  3. More refined privacy and security: the intelligent tracking prevention system in Safari does not leaves the trail of your browsing behavior behind. This prevents the unwanted adds that you are forced to see everywhere while you are browsing. Safari provides Sandboxing for websites. That means any harmful code on a website is confined to a single browser tab, that ways the browser doesn’t get crashed due malicious code one web page. Your other tabs will keep on working as usual.
  4. Private browsing: Safari has a weak memory for our own good. Don’t worry! This is to keep our browsing experience very private. Safari forget the page that we visit, our search history and the Auto fill information. The in built search engine DuckDuckGo doesn’t track you and makes your web search a private one.
  5. Surf seamlessly: No matterwhich device you use your password, bookmarks, history, tabs and reading list are always up to date all because of iCloud. Safari comes not only for Mac but also for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch too.

Safari gives you the best browsing experience as it enables you to surf smarter and easily manages and share over various platforms without any special efforts. But Safari for PC Windows production has been stopped by Apple.