Equatorial Guinea: Around Malabo

Equtorial Guinea is absolutely not what you expect from a Central African country, it’s more akin to Brunei or Turkmenistan – a closed dictatorship society awash with oil & gas wealth. Equtorial Guinea is almost like the Wakanda from the Black Panther, it’s the richest country in Africa and 43rd richest country in the world based on per capita income (although the income doesn’t flow nowhere nearly equally to every capita) with less then 1.2 million population. And just less then 20 years ago it was the second poorest country in Africa, when American companies discovered oil! Today, the capital Malabo boasts modern glass and steel buildings, stunning six-lane highways all around, public housing looking like posh Miami villas. Police and military presence is absolutely everywhere, as the president (after 39 years in power!) is a bit paranoid about potential coups (there have been 13 attempts). Photography is not allowed without permit officially, but the rules are not enforced.