Equatorial Guinea: Driving Around the Island of Bioko

The entire island of Bioko of the Equatorial Guinea can easily be circumnavigated in half a day or a day at the most. Roads are in excellent conditions, there are nice towns with old colonial architecture, several nice beaches that are completely undeveloped, and beautiful vistas toward the sea or even better inland and up the towering volcano shrouded in clouds and fog. Every single town and village has a massive mansion or a whole complex that is “president’s residence away from Malabo” (which is just a couple of hours drive from any point in the island). The president likes to be unpredictable and stay in places all around so that his plotting enemies don’t know. Police and military checkpoints are many and photography if anything military or presidential in prohibited. Lucky for me – I was more interested in the green jungle. There are no tourists or any tourist infrastructure (the foreign oil executives are not interested in much beyond the oil pump or oil cash).