Greenland: Ittoqqortoormiit

Eastern Greenland is very scarcely populated, there is literally a couple tiny settlement s with a few hundred resident in each. One of them is Ittoqqortoormiit (try to pronounce it), located at the mouth the Kangertittivaqq Fjord in Liverpool Land. It is one of the remote and isolated settlements in Greenland and the world. The town has roughly 300 permanent residents, connected to the world by occasional boats and seasonal flights to the west coast of Greenland or Iceland. Rough seas almost prevented us from landing here, but after hours of scouting for a safe lending, we finally managed it, spending nearly half a day roaming around a super picturesque settlement with a beautiful church, panoramic views, Greenlandic Huskies dogs everywhere, polar bear skins hanging from houses, and even a visitor center!