Honduras: Copan Archaeological Site (Revisited)

A UNESCO World Heritage site of Copan Ruins represent one of the largest centers of the Mayan civilization as well as one of the largest southernmost points of it. At its hight, over 20 thousand people lived in the Copan valley around 7th century AD. These ruins are unlike any other – elaborate carvings, stellas, masks, and hieroglyphs. There is an entire stone staircase completely covered in hieroglyphs documenting the history of Copan kings. Staggering amount of intricately carved stellas and walls everywhere, all overgrown by primeval jungle. Also, a lot of depiction of skulls around. The site has a total Indiana Jones or Lara Croft feel to the site as you climb around the pyramids underneath the giant ceiba trees and jungle birds flying around, plus an occasional iguana or agouti.