Liberia: Monrovia – around town

Liberia is the only self-proclaimed republic in Africa to gain independence without a revolt against its colonial master – the country was established in 1847 by the former American slaves (hence the lone star flag resembling the American flag). The country did well in the beginning until falling into the typical African coup and violence pattern in the 90s under the rule of ruthless warlord Charles Taylor. Monrovia, the country’s capital is named after Monroe and is the largest city in the country with a 1/4 of population. I was strongly advised to stay in the car, and when we got stuck in the Red Light Market (just a large market, nothing to do with Holland), I was somewhat glad we did. It’s crazy, hectic, dirty, and severely insane. Most of pics came from the car’s window, but it’s still Monrovia! There are a lot of destroyed and burned down buildings remaining from the brutal civil war from 10 years ago, but the country is on the right path with the Harvard-educated female president! (By no means this is an endorsement of Hillary!).

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