Malaysia: Gomatong Cave

Gomatong Cave was feautred in the David’s Attenborough “Planet Earth”. The humongous cave is famous for its cathedral-like halls but also for three species of animals found here in massive quantities. There are thousands of bats and swiftlets (in fact, the Chinese delicacy of “Swallow’s nest” is collected here by people climbing up to the cave’s roof). And the third animals – millions of cockroaches everywhere – on the ground, walls, all the crevices, ceilings, and floor. The cave is a super massive chamber – no stalactites anywhere just steep walls and skylights in 3 places making for insane pictures. Boardwalks are rather crunchy between guano and millions of cockroaches. Plus the sleeping bats from above occasionally poop (it’s considered here good luck if they poop on right shoulder ).