Mexico/Baja Sur: Ojo de Libre Lagoon – Exploring the Mouth

Having played and touched the whales from the proximity of a small fiberglass boat, there was more of Ojo de Libre Lagoon to explore. First we went into the mouth of the lagoon where a narrow and deep opening bring massive ocean waves into the calm lagoon. Plenty of whales here as well, although behaving differently – more breaching and jumping, more fluke tales, and some swimming as full speed and literally riding the waves like surfers. absolutely insane. The landscapes around and behind the whales were also stunning – endless white dune fields and distant mountains, which we cruise close by. Next were massive salt barges with crystal white salt being produced here, before we got to several large metal buoys with sea lions on them. Finally, close to the shoreline, there were large marshy wetlands with a lot of rare wildlife.