Teotihuacan: Teotihuacan – Las Grutas Restaurant

Just outside Gate 5 of the Teotihuacan Archaelogocal Site is one of the most unique and awesome restaurants in Mexico – Las Grutas. The restaurant is located inside a large limestone cave with several opening and skylights serving as sources of light. The menu is influenced by pre-Hispanic cuisine of the state of Mexico and we found some awesomely weird stuff here: Escamoles Al Epazote (Ant larvae sautéed with wormseed herb), Chinicuiles (Red Maguey Caterpillars), Quetzalcoatl Salad (Local cactus, red onion, creole tomatoes, Cotija AO cheese, julienne tortilla crisps, and black salt with onion dressed with a Poblano pepper and avocado vinaigrette), and Baked Muttom (stewed in corn leaves). And what an experience eating in a cave!