Morocco: Casablanca – Hassan II Grand Mosque

This humongous mosque that took 13 years to built and cost over 600 million dollars was completed in 1993, and is absolutely the most stunning building in the country . It is the largest mosque in Africa, seventh largest in the world, and has the world’s tallest minaret at 210m:689ft. It’s absolutely stunning and beyond opulent and lavish – marble of all colors covers everything, traditional Moroccan mosaics are everywhere, the open spaces are enormous, as are the fountains and pools in the basement. Over 100,000 can pray here at the same time. The rooftop has a laser pointing toward Mecca at night. All materials used in construction came from mineral-rich Morocco – marble, wood, metals, plaster – and thousands of craftsmen worked on beautifying the mosque over the construction years. The location is also unique – it’s almost hanging over the Atlantic Ocean on the beach.

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