Morocco: Erg Chebbi Dunes at sunset

Erg Chebbi Dunes is one of the most amazing spots in on Earth – a quintessential Sahara of massive 150 meter high dunes going beyond the horizon. But most of Sahara doesn’t actually look like this and is flat. This dune field (erg) is formed when the sand is brought by wind over a mountain rant and then deposited before a larger mountain range. Erg Chebbi dunes span over 50 kilometers north to south and 10 kilometers wide. The best way to explore the dunes is via a camel caravan that takes you deep into the heart of the dunes during a one hour long ride and then staying overnight in a camp. Climb the tallest dune and watch the colors change as the sun sets in the east. An extra bonus was a full moon rising just an hour after the sunset; rising right in the constellation of Taurus (which happens to be my month).

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