Norway: Folgefonna National Park & Peninsula

Folgefonna National Park is one of the largest national parks in Norway, spanning 542 sq km and covering almost the entire Folgefonna peninsula on the southern shore of the Hardanger Fjord. At its heart lies the third largest glacier in the country – Folgefonna Glacier (400m thick at its center) – forming a massive icecap with hanging glaciers, glacier tongues descending into the deep forested valleys, raging rivers, and massive waterfalls cascading down. While the core of the park is mostly inaccessible, there are several points to get closer and into the spectacular park. In the south, the road twists and turns through tunnels up to the Roldal Ski Center. In the east, you can drive the narrow dirt road into the park and then hike to the hanging Buarbreen Glacier. In the north lies the Bondhusdalen Valley, with waterfalls, moss-covered forests, and fog-draped mountains. Finally, you can drive all around the Folgefonna Peninsula with insane scenery along the Hardanger Fjord, with massive waterfalls and seascapes along the way. We did it all!