Sudan: Kerma Archaeological Site

Kerma was the center of three prehistoric civilizations that existed here on the Nile in periods of 8350-5500 BC, 5150-4050 BC, and 3450-1550 BC. The latter, while influenced by Egypt with which Kerma traded, was nevertheless totally unique. By 1700 BC, Kerma had a population of at least 10,000 people, a huge number for that time, Kerma was the capital city and a ceremonial center with many royal tombs and burials, including the Western Defuffa, a massive ancient tomb structure. As you explore the site, the greying clay building towers above the plane of former houses and other structures (we had the entire site to ourselves, if you don’t count pigeons and snakes that we saw living in the tomb). The museum onside features some of the findings, including stunningly preserved statues of the pharaohs they were uncovered in near-mint condition in one of the burials.