Tanzania: Serenegeti NP – Topi

Moving to the Northern Serengeti – a totally different landscape, with more hills and kopje rocks, higher elevation and somewhat different wildlife. One of the species that is widespread here is the topi antelope, rare in other parts of Africa, but quite widespread here. Topi are related to tsetsebe, but have different coloration, different horns, and several different behavioral characteristics. Topi also resemble hartebeest. Topi is one of the fastest antelopes in the world, despite its clumsy wildebeest-like appearance – they can run for quite a long time at sustained speeds of 90 key! Topi have very distinct coloration and look like they have socks on their legs. They quite commonly climb of little mounds to get a better view of the environment and predators (just like cheetahs). In fact cheetahs are the only predators that actually can catch topi, otherwise they are way to fast for lions.