Turkey: Sanliurfa – Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum

A few years back they were building a municipal parking lot in the Sanliurfa city center and accidentally stumbled on the ancient mosaics, extensive amount of them. The spot turned out to be the location of an ancient Roman Villa with mosaics dating back to 3-4th century. The site was excavated and preserved and a museum showcases the mosaics right in-situ where they were discovered. The most famous mosaic is the huge mosaic floor (3m x 9m) depicting Amazon Hippolite, Thermodosa, Melanippe and Penthesileia hunting a lion and a leopard. Another famous mosaic is the one depicting Orpheus sitting and playing lyre for wild animals surrounding him, this mosaic was dated to 194 AD. The museum is modern and impressive and pictures don’t always express how it feels inside and the actual views of the mosaics underneath your feet.