USA/Alaska: Dalton Highway

Dalton Highway has been on my to do list for a long time – an epic journey through the northern Alaska on a rough and rugged gravel road. The road was built as a supply route for the Trans Alaskan Pipeline and it still is primarily a truck road with massive fully loaded trucks driving at high speed and throwing rocks all around. No rental cars are allowed here as your wheels and windshield are guaranteed to be totally destroyed. So the only option is talking a group tour in special large-sized buses that are basically a remodeled version of a truck. Having flown to Coldfoot, I traveled down along the Dalton Highway from there – a long 10 hour trip with many stops. Along the route, you pass many scenic vistas with views of the Brooks Range, barren tundra, you stop to walk on permafrost and dig down to it, cross the Arctic Circle, Yukon River, and drive along the Pipeline all the way, as massive trucks swing by.