USA/KY: National Corvette Museum

Forget the boring caves and come see the true Kentucky jewel – National Corvette Museum – showcasing the legendary history of the American Chevrolet Corvette sportscar! The museum is located actually only 0.25 miles from the Bowling Green car factory where the corvettes are made since 1981. The 2-door 2-passenger often-convertible roadster has been the American icon for over 60 years and went through 8 design generations – C1 to C8 (the latest Corvette Stingray just came out in 2020). The museum is absolutely awesome and has probably hundreds of cars on display across all model years – especially in the central circular skydome arena. Tragically, a 40-foot-wide and 25-foot-deep sinkhole opened under the floor of the arena in 1994 and 8 very rare and one-of-a-kind corvettes collapsed into it, being completely smashed and destroyed – all captured on security camera videos. The museum also has a separate hall with funky cartoonish concept cars and some of the futuristic cars from science fiction movies, including the green corvette that was featured in the Transformers Age of the Extinction as the green Crosshairs Autobot.