Afghanistan: National Museum of Afghanistan

The first attraction in Kabul was the National Museum of Afghanistan located near the ruined presidential palace. Not only was I the only tourist at the museum, but it had to be opened just for me. The museum used to be one of the largest and richest of all historical museums in Asia, with over 100 thousands artifacts from early Islam, Hinduism, and Bhuddism. Sadly, during 1992-4 civil war 85% was looted. The museum repeatedly came under rocket attacks in early 2000s. Yet, is slowly recovering, albeit without tourists. Over 8,000 artifacts have been returned by Interpol. As you walk the halls – there are precious items on display from the Afghan history spanning millennia. Outside the building, there is also a dust-covered collection of antique automobiles and even an old train. And then comes a wall and barbed wire with watch towers.