Mexico/Guanajuato: Guanajuato – Museum of Mummies

Here comes the most bizarre attraction in Mexico so far – the Museum of Mummies. In 1833, a cholera outbreak in Guanajuato killed a large number of people and many were quickly buried in graves near one of the hilltops above the city. In 1870, a new tax law was passed, requiring a fee to be paid for the right of “permanent interment”. Those graves that were not paid for by relatives were dug out and the bodies were stored in one of the warehouses – surprisingly, most of the bodies got mummified due to Guanajuato super dry desert mountainous air with no moisture. Some locals were interested in seeing the mummies and the owner of the warehouse started charging a peso for entrance – the Museum of Mummies was born. Today, it’s a major tourist attraction with 68 mummies on display out of the total of 111 – fully clothed men and woman, babies in cribs, and gruesome facial expression galore. It felt like they are all about to come alive and you would be the main character of Zombieland 3.