USA/TX: Waco Mammoth National Monument

The discovery of the Waco Mammoth Site dates back to 1978 when two men,were trespassing on private property of a ravine near the Bosque River in Waco, Texas. They noticed large bones protruding from the ground and suspected they might be fossils. The landowner then brought in a paleontologist, who realized that the bones belonged to a Columbian mammoth. Further excavation revealed not just one, but several mammoths, including a nursery herd with juvenile and adult mammoths. As the excavations continued, the scientists uncovered the remains of at least 24 Columbian mammoths, making it one of the largest known concentrations of mammoth fossils in the world. You get to see the excavation site as it was mostly found – fossils and equipment scattered all around. Colombian mammoths were almost double the size of the wooly mammoths!