Sint Eustatius: Hermit Crabs on Quill

What is the animals species you would least likely expect to see on the steep slopes of a volcano and inside its crater? Crabs! Land crabs that is – two species inhabit the upper volcano and the crater – Caribbean hermit crabs and Purple land crabs (second largest land crab in the world – next post). The hermit crabs carry their home (a shell) with them, they were everywhere in hundreds. Interestingly – when they hear you approach, they hide into their shell, but being on very steep volcano slopes this action results in them rolling downhill. So you are walking up the trail and there are “rocks” of crabs rolling down around you everywhere.
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  1. Tony
    Tony says:

    Hello Rus,

    I am from Hong Kong, I like to study land hermit crab.

    I have a website about land hermit crab species.

    I would like to ask if I can borrow some hermit crab image from your travel? (Cocos Islands: Hermit Crabs, Tuvalu: Tepuka Island in Funafuti Conservation Area, Tuvalu: Fuadatu Island in Funafuti Conservation Area)

    If it is ok, I will put your name on the image.

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